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FMT Mobility Specialist

FMT Mobility Specialist

by Dr. Meghan Helwig

FMT Mobility Specialist Course is an evidence-informed self-myofascial rolling course that advances students understanding of mobility techniques for their patients and clients needs. FMT Mobility Specialist offers a practical framework and a systematic approach for determining why, how, when and where to roll for movement preparation, movement recovery or pain relief. Assessment systems will be presented examining concepts of joint by joint mobility, stability and fascial integrity. These systems will be utilized to direct fun and innovative lab experiences throughout the course.FMT Mobility Specialist methodically integrates a review of the current literature and demonstrates the science behind rolling for improved rehabilitation or performance outcomes. Current concepts such as rolling with percussion/vibration will be explored with innovative solutions provided for common movement, performance and recovery challenges.This course is intended for health and fitness professionals with all levels of prior self-myofascial rolling experience. Functional Movement Training (FMT) Certification courses are taught by industry leading experts in movement assessment, performance and rehabilitation.Note: Tools are not provided with this course.

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